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About XU Fashion Bar Kitchen

XU Fashion Bar Kitchen, is bangalore’s new fashion destination with a luxirious 200+ seater capacity in a 9000sq. ft area with a sharp appeal and a focus on green / sustainable environment has opened at The Collonnade [ The Leela Palace, Bangalore ]. XU Fashion Bar Kitchen brings a brand new dining experience to the city with a modern spanish & Indian fusion menu and an amazing selection of spirits & wines from around the globe.


    The ambience draws its inspiration from the world of fashion. Subtlety and abstraction holds sway. While not screaming ‘fashion’ at the occupant, the space induces a sense of poise and rhythm. This might also be because the moment one alights from one’s carriage a series of the most lovely catwalks are configured to allow one to present oneself.A singular continuum of space is treated to create a variety of ambient pauses. A very unique selection of comfortable and beautifully seating and furniture perhaps is to aid this process. A minimalist palette of greys and hints of colour washes stands in everywhere in the backdrop as a canvas for the fashionably dressed patron. Green-wails and technology combine to maintain an air quality which might make one want to stay.

    Abstracted uncut diamonds subtly make appearances everywhere a subconscious aura of the fashion world. Sit there for a while and one feels comfortable, relaxed and poised fashionably.Streaks of sparkle and glitter seem to be what walls and columns and in places even the floor is made of. Artistic brush strokes of light are everywhere. Yet the place is comfortably personal. Intriguing is the word that comes to mind. VIP Lounge, however, is lit for the Czars of the fashion world.

  • BAR

    Our Bar is fashioned after the open seas. 2 long running bars across XU don’t go unnoticed and subtly but surely invite you to hangout. Internationally acclaimed and more importantly, inspired mixologist have created a range of Signature cocktails which are numbered instead of being named. Each one of our cocktails is composed of a number of homemade purees and syrups which give it the unique flavor. We encourage you to join us in detailing them further, by offering you a few choice of alcohols to add to the mix to make it a personal favorite.

    The rest of our curated bar too embraces a panache, representing an era, a persona or an idea. Like fashion, our drinks too represent the peaks of culture and civilisation. These too come with the XU style and flavour. We take pride in our collection of a range of Indian and International brands. From our whiskeys to our wines, let us know what is missing in our cellar from amongst the best. A notable armoury of bullets, shots and bombs are lined up to bring your personal relaxation zone to you.


    The sense of fashion at XU does not bid adieu with the ambience. It peeks into the kitchen and challenges our chef to create too. Our chef is an artist of considerable depth and an inventor par excellence. One should not be surprised if one doesn't recognize much on the menu and at the same time a sense of Deja-Vu is evoked. The reason for this might be a superlative genius of fusion. Contemporary Indian fusion & Modern Spanish is what one might call the overall ensemble but there is a lot of detail which escapes definition.

    The soups are deconstructed, the Salads embrace a chaotic harmony which competes directly with nature itself while permitting a modern contemporary influence. The fusion appetizers take pride in their modern Spanish-Indian origins. The Spizzas - that's what the chef calls them- go beyond the taste buds and challenge one's sense of convention geometrically as well. Find out more about this in person. While you are at it, go through main course on the XU menu. A catwalk of creations like none other. Some might use the phrase avante garde. The finesse with which the flavors hit your palette is just addictive.

    The show stoppers (some call them desserts), on their arrival at the your table, will leave you intrigued by the magical liquid Nitrogen show that goes into the whole process.


    Our curated stage boasts of Bar,grooves derived from the fashion world through the weekdays to Retro, Disco & Club Classics through the weekends. A fun mix of Old School & upfront hip hop surely makes it the soundtrack for your weekends at XU.Add to that some fun karaoke, standup comedy and bands to windup the weekend, we sure have a lot to offer apart from the amazing ambiance, food and alcohol.

    Our VIP Lounge is designed for fashion shows as it almost immediately turns into the green room capable of handling a full fashion week. XU is fully equipped with all the necessary framework to accommodate everything from lights, ramps & podiums to host fashion events effortlessly.


    Fully Equipped to handle a full fashion week or Conference. XU is fully equipped with all the necessary framework to accommodate everything from lights, ramps & amp; podiums to,host fashion / Business events effortlessly.